Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avilyn's Room!!!

 So I bought the paint like 3 weeks ago, but I finally got around to painting!  I actually like it, it's just getting started.  Avi picked the colors with a TINY bit of help from me, but I think it turned out adorable!  I can't wait until I get here room all put together. 

Avilyn wanted to help sooo bad, so she got to do a little bit.  She was so excited!

Jaime helped me tape, and bless his heart, he used the tape as a level and forgot to follow the line of the green paint. So, I still have a bit of touch up to do. But I was definitely grateful for the help and the company! Even if I did paint on both of his days off, he was such a good sport!
And here is the finished product!  Her room is soooo much brighter now!  I used a semi-gloss instead of satin.  There was flat paint in there before and it just sucked in all the light.  This paint reflects it and brightens it so much! 
Now for Ava's dugeon... it will be a lovely pale lavender with a
freakin' awesome rainbow on one wall!


  1. Love. And that is an adorable picture of Avi and Jaime!